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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.

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Provide scholarships, stipends, awards, honour, incentives & assistance either in cash or kind to poor / needy students and other individuals in particular and also to the institutions/organizations for their commendable attempt & contribution towards humanity & sustainability.

Write & publish magazines, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins, books and reading materials.

Prepare & publish resource materials on various subject and issues to promote education and knowledge amongst youth in particular.

Produce & display documentaries and films on various educational issues.

Form partnerships & collaborations with various institutions, corporates, R&D organizations, govt. agencies & NGOs to achieve objective of knowledge building.

We carryout educational trainings & consultancy and undertake study & research on educational development issues independently or in co-operation with the government organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies or other institutions.


We periodically organize school-health care and community medical camps in rural schools, villages and amongst various slum settlements.

Put our fullest effort towards for health & medical care to achieve target of health for all. Develop & control hospitals other health services, facilities & hospitals.


Support agri-business & entrepreneurship, MSMEs, cottage & processing industries to support integrated community development.

Support strengthening of Panchayati Raj and Gram Sabhas and community health services towards progress of village communities.

Encourage inclusive involvement of women, SC/STs & minority communities in decision-making, policy formulation, advocacy & leadership in local self-governance to get their constitutional & judicious rights.


Carry out plantation & greening activities to address climate change and take actions for environmental conservation and management of natural resources.


We promote energy conservation practices and take steps for renewable & green energy generation through solar and bio-energy.

Support rainwater harvesting & watershed development, conserve water reservoirs. Take actions for protection & transformation of Indian rivers & tributaries.


Undertake R&D in various areas for sustainable development of our Nation.

Carryout educational and awareness campaigns amongst schools and in public at large for Nature and Earth care.


Campaign for transparent & participatory model of governance, electoral, political & administrative reforms, human rights, consumer rights, communal harmony, peace & unity in the society. Fight for corruption free nation.

Promote creative traditions, arts & culture, paintings, music, entertainment, recreation, theatre and sports of all the reasons of the country irrespective of realm & religion.

Preserve & restore archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage/ monuments of our country.  

Initiate efforts for eradication of social evils like child labour, human trafficking, sexual abuse of children & women, female foeticide, alcoholism, drug addiction etc.

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